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0-1 Christian Parenting

As first time parents, it may be daunting as you attempt to maneuver through this season. Join us as we discuss and learn about Sleep Patterns, Parenting Styles, Fussy Babies and much more! Ask your questions, form new friendships and get your questions answered. You do not have to parent... Details


B.E.S.T is short for Basic Essential Spiritual Training. It is the foundational principles that make up a Christian life. We will explore the Christian life as we discover our biblical roots that are foundational to our daily living. Learn more about the biblical perspective of Fellowship, Communion, the Word, Prayer,... Details


"Who are you?" We all have a sense of identity, of "who we are". Much of it was developed in our upbringing, much also contributed to by our education, but also much from our deciding "who we wanted to be." However, once we are grafted into the family of Christ,... Details